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What is a rice bran enzyme hot bath?

The enzyme bath heat is generated through the fermentation of thousands of microorganisms inside the rice bran. The cell division of those resident flora produce the heat.
By airing the bath once a day and feeding fresh rice bran and little water once every few days will keep the microorganisms perpetually alive.
The sweat and waste from the body will be the food for the microorganisms, promoting their cell division and the production of the enzymes.
The natural radiant heat, which can reach up to a maximum of 68 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit), reaches the symptomatic area, to promote healing of the body to restore its healthy state.

To set up a new enzyme hot bath business
Rice bran enzyme natural hot baths
Support for setting up an independently-owned business
Microorganisms tell how to live

To set up a new enzyme hot bath business
Rice bran enzyme natural hot baths
Support for setting up an independently-owned business Microorganisms tell how to live
The rice bran enzyme natural hot bath is a reflection of the very idea of Wabi-Sabi”, the essence of the Japanese sensibility of beauty. Simply taking a soak into a bathtub-filled fermented rice bran—for some, that may seem much to be desired or too simple a treatment.
However, inside the tub significant activities quietly take place, with the bacteria eating the body wastes from humans, and in turn producing the enzymes that eat the rice bran, allowing them all to stay alive.
There, time flows in tranquility without arrogance or squander.
From season to season, conditions change, and the enzymes best suited for each season proliferate and live.
And they warmly heal those who entrust themselves to them.

We are healed and revitalized by the natural work of the bacteria. Enveloped in the rice bran, its elegantly simple gentleness reminds us of our time in the womb, or of the loving embrace by our mothers in our childhood.

The temperature of the natural heat produced by the rice bran, which does not require electricity or gas, is not constant. It is our wish that the rice bran enzyme baths be handed down to those who can find satisfaction in the imperfect warmth which it produces.
We can help you achieve and maintain the perfect state.
It will require setting up and preparing the bath with utmost respect toward the clients and nature as a whole, including the enzymes.

Those who are not easily swayed by various opinions or information, have their own strong sense of self, and can keep a neutral perspective…We seek those with strong aspirations toward these sets of values, which may on the surface seem simple.
We look forward to meeting you, someone who is both flexible yet strong-willed. It does not matter if you’re young, old, female, male, or whatever. We welcome whoever has the spirit and the desire to care for people and nature.

Sense of Yielding Oneself to Nature

Do you know the qualities of good soil? Well-drained, warm, soft—these are the conditions of fertile soil which produce good crops.
These characteristics are similar to a human baby. Babies urinate anywhere, have high body temperature, and is flexible enough to lick their own feet… When we realize that we are part of nature, we are able to yield ourselves to nature, allowing ourselves to heal naturally.
Our rice bran enzyme bath utilizes a technique that encourages the enzymes to work without any additional bacteria.
At times things may not go as planned, but try to see this as a learning process, a lesson from great nature giving us an opportunity to grow.

The Full Year Cycle of Enzyme Bath

Taking care of the enzyme bath may seem like a muddy, antiquated job, but handling the rice bran allows you to truly sense the four seasons even in the city.
Its process has a familiar feel to Earthing or mud therapy, allowing our minds remain peaceful.
Just like farming or cooking, anything intrinsically essential to us are unchanging and arduous.
Through the times, many things have become more convenient or condensed, but essential things always remain simple.

Spring enzymes have a pungent smell. Like the acridity of wild vegetables it calms the restlessness you may feel during this season.
Most of our clients who suffer from hay fever leave with their noses clear after taking a soak in the spring enzyme bath.

In the summer, the enzymes become nearly odorless and even refreshing.
The microorganisms become very active and lively.
The enzyme baths leave you feeling fresh even in the lingering summer heat because the enzymes help to reduce swelling in the body.

Autumn is the season of dryness.
Humans also need to drain their lymph and blood.
Just as living things crave water, enzymes come alive when you add water.

Enzymes become heavier in the winter.
Winter is a hard season for the microorganisms to live as bacteria survive in higher temperatures.
Creating an environment for microorganisms to facilitate their survival is key.

As we care for them throughout the seasons, we feel as if the enzymes teach us how to live.
But perhaps the enzymes are simply saying, “We are just doing what we wish”.


Kousolabo Representative

Natsuka Kikuchi

1996 First encounter with enzyme baths

1997 Establishes “Kouso Sena” in Sena, Shizuoka City

1999 Works as an instructor at the Japan Institute of Enzyme Medicine

2007 Opens “Kouso Setagaya” in Chitosedai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Since then, she has supported openings of more than 30 shops, including “Kouso An” in Kumamoto and “Nucca” in Saitama Prefecture as the representative of Kousolabo.

Changing the way people live and think through enzyme baths.

We are an enzyme bath shop authorized by the Japan Enzyme Medical Research Institute, which took over the research of the legendary “Chouju Kan”.
Since the pre-war and post-war eras, this enzyme lab has been conducting research for the physical and mental health of those in power at the time.
While maintaining the tradition of the rice bran enzyme bath, Kousolabo aims to continue to challenge itself to new ways, striving to provide even better products.

Kousolabo’s Start-up Support

1Those wishing to change to a new way of working

Times are about to change dramatically. Enzyme baths have an appeal in its sustainability, and in harmony with nature, are able to provide clients with a healthy lifestyle as well as joy. 

“Kousolabo” is not a franchise, but is each shop is completely independently owned and does not require any qualifications to set up.

We support those who want to challenge themselves with a new way of life with a strong will, and who aspire to be independent.

2Increasing focus on alternative medicine and natural therapies

With the health insurance system and medical system under review, more and more people are increasingly conscious of protecting their own health without relying on conventional medical establishments.

Natural therapy and thermotherapy are gathering a growing level of interest as one of the methods to increase one’s basal body temperature, boost immunity, and prevent illnesses.

3The most eco-friendly natural energy source that generates heat only from rice bran and water

When you sign a contract with us, you will be asked to purchase the enzyme that will be used as a starter, but thereafter the only running cost is the cost of the raw bran.
Our enzyme bath does not require purchase of the culture solution nor does it require the need to replace the bran.
It is an eco-friendly, low-cost, sustainable, and stable business that can make people happy.

4More than 20 years of experience in supporting new start-ups, with more than 30 shop openings in Japan and overseas

We have more than 20 years experience in providing support for new businesses both in Japan and overseas, even before enzyme baths became a business.
We can provide you with stable management know-how and skills in customer service, fermentation, and care.
We keep ourselves updated with the newest information in the wellness industry—not limited to enzyme baths, but also on fermentation, supplements, and various body work— and continue to share these knowledge.

5Rice bran, blessing from nature, helps both you and your clients get digital detox

Rice bran has been deeply involved in the life and culture of Japanese people since the ancient times.
It is no exaggeration to say that rice is in the DNA of Japanese people—ears of rice are ritually worshiped at shrines.
Taking care of the rice bran allows you to truly feel the four seasons and heal your body exhausted from smartphones and computers, and help unplug yourself from digital devices. This is a job that will make you, your family, and your employees as well as your clients feel healthy and happy.

6Contributing to the health, beauty, and healing of clients through “On-Katsu”

“On-Katsu”, activities to warm up the body, has become a boom recently. It is said that if those with low basal temperature can raise their body temperature by one degree, their immune system can dramatically improve.
Enzyme baths have been attracting attention for its benefits in this aspect, however it is not achieved by simply raising the temperature of the bath.
There’s no benefit in enduring a soak in a scalding hot bath.
We provide advise on techniques to provide the best temperature for your clients.

7Continuing support with training and video manual to support your operation

You can ask for our advise whenever you have any concerns or questions asked by your clients even after you start your business.
We respond to you as swiftly as possible via ZOOM or LINE.
We also provide a video manual on the care and fermentation of your rice bran, which you can view at any time.

8Patent-obtained wall material with Hormesis effect

Moisture and distinct scents associated with fermentation are common in enzyme baths.
Pantent-obtained “walling with materials yielding Hormesis effect” which absorbs moisture and smell are available for purchase.
We can arrange for the materials at the time of construction.

9Business style is up to you—You’re free to start the business in conjunction with other businesses such as fitness centers, beauty spas, inns, cafes, treatment clinics, and many others

In our listing of businesses we’ve supported, some have opened in conjunction with above-listed operations.
There are certainly those that operate enzyme baths alone.
You are free to choose how you operate your business and free to name your shop as you wish.
Various collaborations are possible based on your ideas as well as what suits you. Please consult with us about operating in any space or setting up in a private home.

10Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The enzyme bath is an ultimate recycling-based operation.
The fermentation of rice bran naturally rises to nearly 70 degrees Celsius, without requiring the use of electricity or gas to generate the heat.
With care, the heat source can be maintained indefinitely.
The possibilities of enzymes are endless.


Do I always need to take care of the enzyme bath every day?

No, it is not necessary. More times than not you will need to take care of your own physical and mental health, or you may have urgent matters.
In such cases, we will instruct you on how to let the enzymes go dormant and prepare them again for the business day.
Please keep in mind though, that you are raising living things.
As ”Nuka-zuke” (pickled vegetables in salted rice-bran paste) tastes better when you care for it with your hands every day, the more you can tend to the enzyme bath, the more it will repay you. Time off should be within the bounds of common sense.

What kind of person is best suited for this job?

Anyone is suited for the job.
Enzymes are a natural product. Anyone who can understand that idea are suited for the job.

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